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This awesome book is coming out tomorrow and I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to read this book in advance! Check out my review and then pre-order!

The Fine Art of Pretending (The Fine Art of Pretending #1) by Rachel Harris
Publication Date: September 30th, 2014
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Romance
According to the guys at Fairfield Academy, there are two types of girls: the kind you hook up with, and the kind you're friends with. Seventeen-year-old Alyssa Reed is the second type. And she hates it. With just one year left to change her rank, she devises a plan to become the first type by homecoming, and she sets her sights on the perfect date—Justin Carter, Fairfield Academy’s biggest hottie and most notorious player.

With 57 days until the dance, Aly launches Operation Sex Appeal and sheds her tomboy image. The only thing left is for Justin actually to notice her. Enter best friend Brandon Taylor, the school’s second biggest hottie, and now Aly’s pretend boyfriend. With his help, elevating from “funny friend” to “tempting vixen” is only a matter of time.

But when everything goes according to plan, the inevitable “break up” leaves their friendship in shambles, and Aly and Brandon with feelings they can’t explain. And the fake couple discovers pretending can sometimes cost you the one thing you never expected to want.

And now for my review:
*Spoiler-Free* REVIEW: Fine Art of Pretending by Rachel Harris
Publication Date: September 30th, 2014

*DISCLOSURE: ARC was provided in exchange for a fair and honest review

My review:
I love the stories of girl and guy best friends that turn into more. I love the transformation stories (I did grow up in the time of Clueless and She's All That, after all) when they're done right. I love the pretend love interest story.

Well, lucky, lucky me? This book has all of the above. Rachel Harris has not only done these genres right, but she also wrote them in such a unique and utterly charming way that I am declaring this my favorite of her books to date.

Some may argue that the female transformation story sends a bad message. If you feel this way upon reading this book, I suggest you look a little closer. What you will see, upon that inspection is the story of Aly, a young girl who wants to see how the popular, carefree girl lives. What she discovers is a case of the grass always being greener, the discovery of some truths about herself, and the comfort in finding a middle ground.

This is a young adult romance, and yes, Brandon is absolutely swoon worthy. In fact, he is swoon worthy enough to make any creepy feelings this 30 year old reviewer has melt away into the oblivion as a non-issue. But it is also an exploration into a girl learning to love herself as well. And that's a beautiful thing.

Expect a lighthearted tale full of laughs and cute moments abound, a wonderful cast of loveable and love-to-dislike them characters, and a cleverly laid out narrative told in the frame of a countdown to homecoming. I cannot wait to see what the next book in the series will bring. In fact, I'm starting my own personal countdown right now.


About the Author: 
Rachel Harris grew up in New Orleans, where she watched soap operas with her grandmother and stayed up late sneak reading her mama’s favorite romance novels. Now a Cajun cowgirl living in Houston, she still stays up way too late reading her favorite romances, only now, she can do so openly. She firmly believes life’s problems can be solved with a hot, powdered-sugar-coated beignet or a thick slice of king cake, and that screaming at strangers for cheap, plastic beads is acceptable behavior in certain situations.

When not typing furiously or flipping pages in an enthralling romance, she homeschools her two beautiful girls and watches reality television with her amazing husband. Taste The Heat is her adult romance debut. She’s the author of MY SUPER SWEET SIXTEENTH CENTURY and A TALE OF TWO CENTURIES. She loves hearing from readers!

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