Thursday, November 19, 2015

*BLOG TOUR* LONG WAY DOWN by Krista & Becca Ritchie: Newlywed Game Character Interview + Giveaway!

Just a few more hours and Long Way Down by Krista & Becca Ritchie will be here!! This is the last book of the series (excluding an upcoming epilogue book) and I'm so excited, nervous, and all the feels in between!

I'm Crazy for Raisy: Ryke Meadows and Daisy Calloway. They are the wild, fearless, adventuring duo who care with the biggest hearts I've had the pleasure of bearing witness to.

I'm so happy to have gotten the opportunity to join this tour and to celebrate the books, the characters, and the authors I love! These characters, through the course of eight books, soon to be nine, have a chemistry that is undeniable, so I thought it would be fun to invite them to play a game today!

Learn more about the book, check out our game, then enter the Giveaway! Go forth and have fun!
xoxo, Christine

Long Way Down by Krista & Becca Ritchie
Series: Calloway Sisters #4
Genre: New Adult Contemporary
Publication Date: November 20th, 2015

With a seven-year age difference, Ryke & Daisy have faced an uphill battle in the eyes of the world and their families. Known as the most adventurous, fast-paced couple — their next step has always been elusive to the rabid media.

Behind the scenes, heartbreaking troubles continue to test Ryke & Daisy’s resilience and shape their future together.

They promise:

To never slow down.
To never compromise who they are.
To never abandon their love for each other.

But preserving their happiness also means adding more risks. Ones that Connor Cobalt wouldn’t even take. As a professional free-solo climber, Ryke is no stranger to risk, but his next step with Daisy wagers more than just his health.

With their lives on the line, Ryke & Daisy head towards the vast, wild unknown in this epic final conclusion to the Addicted series.


Welcome readers! I’m reaching you today from the home of my favorite Nerd Stars, Rose and Connor Cobalt! I have the whole Addicted Series crew with me for a special treat for you fans. And if you’ve been living under a rock, (a sad, sad, rock), and haven’t yet experienced the heart wrenching, yet gloriously triumphant Addicted/Calloway Sisters series, sit back, enjoy, and get a taste of what you’ve been missing out on! I’ll be sure to take care of you at the end of this post so that you can dive right in. The last book of the series (aside from an epilogue book) arrives on November 20th, so there’s no better time than now.

*Rose, Connor, Lily, Lo, Daisy and Ryke sit around the spacious living room, paired up together on the various pieces of furniture*

Christine: Rose, Connor, you have a beautiful home. How have things been going since you moved into your own place?

Rose: My migraines have disappeared, and I’ve learned the cause was Loren’s shrill voice.

Loren: I have a shrill voice? Maybe you should record yourself, Angelica, and blow out your eardrums.

Connor: *watches them with a rising grin*

Rose: *glares at Loren and then peels her eyes back to Christine* our home is also cleaner.

Connor: no dogs. To be more specific, the kind named Ryke Meadows.

Ryke: *grumbles* here we fucking go

Christine: *claps hands* Well, okay then! Are you guys ready to get started? I wanted to play a little game with you all today. Are you familiar with the Newlywed Game?

Daisy: *mock gasps* is this where we all get stranded on an island and snuff out each other’s torches, one by one? I’m game.

Lily: *shakes head* I never want to play Survivor.

Christine: *smiles* Not, quite. The basic idea is that a couple tests how well they know each other. One half of the couple will answer five questions while the other half is out of the room. Then we’ll call you back together and ask the questions again. The other half will answer and the partner will see if they were right. Then we’ll switch. The couple with the most matches at the end of the game wins! Sounds good? Any questions?

Rose: *straightens and looks to Connor* we’ll win this.

Connor: without question, darling.

Christine: Oh, but wait. Because I like to make things interesting, you’re not going to be partnered with your significant other. I know you all know your partners too well. Instead, here are the teams: Daisy, you will be partnered with Connor. Lily, you’ll pair up with Ryke. And...sorry, you know who that leaves. Rose and Lo, you are together on this one.

Loren: Hell has come early. This is goddamn evil.

Daisy: *glances at Connor with a little more uncertainty*

Connor: *pokerfaced*

Rose: *crosses arms* can we re-pick partners? Loren is going to make us lose on purpose.

Loren: now, why would I do that, Queen Rose? *flashes dry smile*

Rose: *growls in irritation*

Lily: *already begins turning red*

Ryke: cool down, Lil. We haven’t even started yet. It’s fucking fine. We’ll do our thing—

Lily: non-sexual things! *whispers* Team Raisy.

Ryke: *rakes a hand through his hair* let’s just fucking start this.

Christine: Good call, Ryke. Ladies first! Gentlemen, if you don’t mind hanging out in the kitchen? I left some snacks in there for you.

Loren: *stands* please let it be chicken tacos.

*all three guys depart*

Christine: Ladies, here are your poster boards and your markers. I’m going to ask you the questions. Feel free to comment, but don’t share or help with your answers! Just write them down. Ready?

Christine: Question #1: If he had to choose only one food to eat for the rest of his life, what would it be?

Rose: *whips hair* easy. *scribbles*

Lily: *chews on pen* Ryke likes everything. *turns to Daisy for help*

Daisy: Ryke really likes—

Rose: ah-ah! No cheating.

Daisy: *smiles as she returns to her board*

Christine: Question #2: What is his biggest pet peeve?

Rose: *mutters* there are so many to choose from.

Daisy: *stares off in thought* I feel like I have the hardest guy.

Lily: *blushes* … okay, that sounded sexual, and it wasn’t just me!

Daisy: *laughs and gives her sis a side hug*

Christine: Question #3: What does he wear to bed?

Rose: Ugh. This is torture. *cringes as she writes on her board*

Daisy: Does Connor like to sleep naked, Rose?

Rose: *raises hand at her* no cheating.

Christine: Question #4: If he had to choose one person in the group, besides his significant other, to be stranded on a deserted island with, who would he choose and why (for a bonus point)?

Rose: *holds head like she already has a migraine thinking for so long about Loren*

Lily: Do animals count? *squints at her board*

Daisy: *nods to Lily* definitely put you-know-who down for Ryke.

Lily: Lord Voldemort?

Daisy: *busts out laughing*

Christine: Question #5: Who would he Fuck, Marry, Kill: Ariel (the human form of the Little Mermaid), Mulan, or Elsa from Frozen.

Rose: *almost opens her mouth to ask Lily something, but then closes her mouth, sits straighter, raises her chin and writes her answer*

Christine: All done? Let’s call the guys back in to see how they’d answer!

*Guys come back in with popcorn and snacks*

Ryke: *carries bowl of popcorn and tosses a kernel at Daisy’s forehead before sitting beside Lily*

Daisy: do that again.

Ryke: *tosses another kernel*

Daisy: *catches it in her mouth and pumps her fists in the air* victory!

Christine: Nice! Okay guys, go ahead and sit next to your partners. I asked the girls 5 questions and they wrote down what they think your answer will be. Let’s see if they were right.

Christine: Question #1: If you had to choose only one food to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Loren: prunes.

Rose: *glares* That is such a lie. *grips her board tightly*

Loren: if I have to be “newly wed” to you, this is what I’d say. Prunes. The wrinkled, dried out kind.

Rose: *sets another hostile glare on him before revealing her board* I said chicken tacos which is the correct answer.

Connor: it’s not correct if it’s not a match.

Rose: I will defeat you, Richard. There’s no way you’re winning against me.

Connor: *grins* we’ll see, darling. My answer is salmon.

Daisy: Drum roll! *pats thigh and reveals answer* I said the food of the gods!

Rose: *gloats at her husband* and you were saying?

Connor: *pokerfaced* this is still round one. We have time.

Ryke: My fucking turn? I guess I’d say cereal.

Lily: *beams and reveals her board* I said granola cereal. Did we get a point? That was a point for us, right?

Ryke: Good job, Lil.

Christine: Question #2: What is your biggest pet peeve?

Loren: overachievers.

Rose: *glares* I hate you.

Loren: It’s mutual, Queen Rose.

Rose: *flips board* I said assholes who pick on Lily.

Loren: *jaw sharpens* that too.

Connor: *studies Daisy’s expression before he answers* hyperboles from everyone but Rose

Daisy: *flips board* I said this game. You can’t see it right now, but behind that perfectly impassive face is sheer irritation.

Connor: I’m getting there.

Ryke: whining is my biggest pet peeve.

Lily: *waves her board in the air* I said whining!

Rose: *mouth drops* how are you doing this? *thinks there may be deception in the group*

Lily: Ryke has told me to stop whining on multiple occasions. *grabs new board* Look, it’s paid off.

Christine: Question #3: What do you wear to bed?

Loren: a spacesuit. For all those late-night moon walks. *flashes half-smile at Rose*

Rose: *nose flares and reveals board* I said black boxer-briefs, which is the truth.

Loren: maybe I take off my spacesuit before you barge into my room?

Rose: this is ridiculous.

Connor: My answer is naked.

Daisy: *mock gasps* how did I know? *reveals her board* I said buck naked.

Loren: Who’s the liar here?

Connor: I’m playing by the game’s confines. Not lying but outmaneuvering someone beside you.

Rose: *scoffs*

Connor: *mutters something to her in French*

Rose: *tries not to grin*

Ryke: I wear drawstring pants.

Lily: *reveals board* I said drawstring pants and I drew a picture. *points at her sketch*

Loren: Nice one, love.

Lily: *leans closer to Ryke* we’re beating the nerd stars.

Christine: Question #4: If you had to choose one person in the group, besides your significant other, to be stranded on a deserted island with, who would you choose and why (for a bonus point)?

Loren: obviously Rose. She’s my bestie. *flashes half-smile*

Rose: *rolls eyes and reveals board* I said Connor Cobalt because he’d help you get off the beach.

Loren: He’s my number two.

Connor: *arches a brow with a grin* that’s not what you said last night.

Loren: shh, love. Later.

Connor: I’d choose to be stranded with a clone of myself because no one is better than me.

Daisy: *flips board* I said Connor Cobalt. Does that count?

*judges say yes*

Ryke: I’d choose to be stranded with Nutty. Our dog *gestures from himself to Daisy*

Daisy: *smiles at Lily*

Lily: *reveals her board* I chose Coconut.

Rose: *points at the board* the names don’t match!

Ryke: it’s the same fucking animal.

*judges say yes*

Christine: Question #5: Who would you Fuck, Marry, Kill: Ariel (the human form of the Little Mermaid), Mulan, or Elsa from Frozen.

Loren: Marry Elsa, Kill Ariel, Fuck Mulan.

Rose: You’re horrible at this. *flips board* What Loren would really do, marry Mulan, Fuck Ariel, Kill Elsa. You said Elsa reminded you of me. So you’re really saying you want to marry me?

Loren: *grimaces and looks to Connor* save me from your wife. 

Connor: *grins* My answer is Marry Elsa, Kill Ariel, and Fuck Mulan.

Daisy: *reveals board* I said the same thing. *goes for a high-five*

Connor: You can have a high-five when we’re in the lead. Consider this good motivation—

Ryke: *throws a handful of popcorn at Connor*

Connor: *gives him a look and plucks out a kernel from his hair* it’s as though you’d rather wag your tail and prance around than use the human language.

Ryke: *flips him off and looks at Christine* I’d Marry Ariel—only because I’m not fucking marrying any of the other guy’s picks. Then I’d … Fuck Elsa, Kill Mulan.

Lily: *scrunches brows and flips board* I said you’d fuck all three of them.

Ryke: *rolls his eyes* for fuck’s sake.

Daisy: *can’t stop laughing*

Ryke: *tosses more popcorn at her*

Christine: Well that was certainly interesting. The score is now 0 for Rose and Loren, 3 points for Connor and Daisy, and in the lead with 4 points, Lily and Ryke. Now it’s the men's’ turn to see how well they know the women. So, if you lovelies wouldn’t mind stepping out of the room for a bit...

Rose: Take this seriously, Loren. *heels clap all the way into the kitchen*

*all the girls leave*

Christine: Okay guys, here are your boards and markers. I’m going to ask you the same questions and you have to write down what you think your partner’s answer will be. You may comment, but no sharing or helping!

Christine: Question #1: If she had to choose only one food to eat for the rest of her life, what would it be?

Ryke: *rubs his jaw in confusion* fuck.

Christine: Question #2: What is her biggest pet peeve?

Ryke: *scribbles and mutters* fucking fuck.

Christine: Question #3: What does she wear to bed?

Ryke: *shakes his head* motherfucking…

Christine: Question #4: If she had to choose one person in the group, besides her significant other, to be stranded on a deserted island with, who would she choose and why?

Ryke: *hand to forehead* fuck me.

Christine: Question #5: Who would she Fuck, Marry, Kill: Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine, Chris Evans. (Sorry, I know you guys got cartoon women, but I couldn’t think of any cartoon men that stand out enough!)

Ryke: *sigh* well fuck.

Loren: sounds like someone’s being tortured over there.

Ryke: *flips him off*

Christine: I guess you all are as ready as you can be... Girls, you can come back in!

*Girls re-enter*

Rose: *takes her seat beside Loren and crosses her ankles*

Christine: You know the drill. Let’s see which team knows each other the best.

Christine: Question #1: If you had to choose only one food to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Rose: sushi. *glares at Loren* do not fuck this up.

Loren: I said what demons eat.

Rose: *snatches his board out of his hand and throws it across the room*

Loren: Ravenclaws are goddamn testy.

Rose: I’m only losing because of you. Everyone should know this.

Daisy: the food I’d eat for the rest of my life would without a doubt be…chocolate.

Connor: *flips board* I said chocolate.

Daisy: *raises a hand for a high-five*

Connor: we’re tied. That’s not a win.

Daisy: Damn.

Lily: I wouldn’t go without a…Ding Dong. *blushes* They’re really good, okay? And I know it sounds sexual. *tries to tilt her chin up like Rose*

Ryke: Fuck. I said a Pop Tart. Sorry, Lil.

Christine: Question #2: What is your biggest pet peeve?

Rose: Loren Hale’s presence.

Loren: *flips board* I said angels and holy things.

Rose: *rolls her eyes (she’s so over this)* I would just leave early, but I’m not a quitter.

Daisy: My biggest pet peeve is being told to just stand still.

Ryke: *eyes soften on Daisy*

Connor: *flips board* I said having to stand unmoving in one place.

*judges say this counts*

Lily: my biggest pet peeve is judgment from people before they really know me.

Ryke: *flips board* I said premature judgment. *apologies in his eyes to her (he did this too)*

Lily: *smiles at him like it’s okay*

Christine: Question #3: What do you wear to bed?

Rose: a chemise.

Loren: a what?

Rose: *groans* Google it.

Loren: definitely not going to. And I said that you wear hellfire to bed.

Rose: *almost smiles*

Daisy: I don’t wear anything. Like an animal *wags brows*

Loren: I’m not asking if this is true. *shakes head repeatedly*

Ryke: Good.

Connor: I said that she prefers to be naked too.

Daisy: Woo! We’re up by one.

Lily: I wear one of Lo’s shirts.

Ryke: *flips board* I said Lo’s shirts.

Daisy: What a short-lived lead. I loved it while it lasted. *smiles*

Christine: Question #4: If you had to choose one person in the group, besides your significant other, to be stranded on a deserted island with, who would you choose and why?

Rose: *collects hair on one shoulder* I’d choose Daisy. She’ll like collecting coconuts, and I’d contribute with all my survival knowledge.

Loren: Rose Calloway using her sisters as free labor.

Rose: That’s not how it is, Loren. She likes climbing trees.

Daisy: *nods* I do.

Loren: Fine. *flips board* You’d bring along Loren Hale. Your best friend.

Rose: in my nightmare.

Daisy: I’d bring Lily because we’d have fun pretending to be pirates.

Connor: *flips board* I said Lily.

Lily: this is really hard to choose, but I’m picking based off who’d help me escape the island the fastest. Sorry, Daisy. I’d take Connor.

Ryke: *flips board* I said that you’d pick Connor.

Connor: one question left and we’re tied.

Christine: Question #5: Who would you Fuck, Marry, Kill: Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine, Chris Evans.

Rose: *straightens* I’d Marry Chris Evans, Fuck Chris Pine, and Kill Chris Hemsworth. *turns to Loren*

Loren: I said that Queen Rose would Kill all three of them. Death by fire.

Rose: I’m so glad this is over.

Daisy: I’d Marry Chris Hemsworth, Fuck Chris Evans, and Kill Chris Pine.

Connor: I thought you’d say that you wanted to fuck all three of them.

Ryke: *shakes his head at Connor like what the fuck*

Daisy: Uh-oh. So we lost that round?

Connor: *sets his board aside* unfortunately. We’ll stay tied if Ryke and Lily get this wrong.

Lily: Well, I’m not having sex or marrying Captain America, so I’d Kill Chris Evans. And while Star Trek is okay, I think we all know that Thor is better. So I’d Marry Chris Hemsworth and then Fuck Chris Pine *nods resolutely*

Ryke: *flips board* I said that she’d Marry Chris Hemsworth, Fuck Chris Pine, Kill Chris Evans.

Lily: *mind clicking* so we won?

Ryke: Yep. Good job, Lil.

Lily: *beams*

Christine: That was so much fun! Well, *I* had fun, did all of you?

Loren: No.

Daisy: I did. *smiles wide*

Christine: *smiles at Daisy* Sorry, Lo! For those of you not keeping count, our winners with 8 points are Lily and Ryke! Daisy and Connor you are in second place with 7 points. And so sorry Rose and Loren, but you’re last with 0 points.

Rose: we need to be clear. Loren lost. I would’ve won. He was playing the wrong game.

Loren: I don’t know what you’re talking about, Rose. I was playing just like everyone else.

Rose: *stands* do not come near me. I will stick my heel in your eye socket.

Loren: *turns to Connor* have fun with her.

Connor: *smiles* trust me, I always do.

Christine: Thank you all for being such good sports today. It’s been so much fun hanging out with you again this tour! And look! I didn’t make a stuttering fool out of myself in front of Ryke this time…..errr...which I wasn’t going to mention. *nervous laughter* Damn it. I was doing so well!

Ryke: *almost smiles* Thanks for fucking having us, Christine.

Christine: *swoons then shakes it off* But really. I’m so terribly sad for this series to end because reading your stories have made me feel like you’re an integral part of my life. An extended family. I wish you all the best and all the happiness in the world, because you truly deserve it. You’ve all come so far and I’m so proud of you. All my *heart eyes* go to you.

Lily: Before we leave, I have to say one thing. *everyone quiets to listen to Lily* make sure you put on your Team Raisy pins and tweet #CrazyforRaisy! They need all your support—and I think they deserve it too. *nods confidently*

The end

About the Author:
Krista & Becca Ritchie are New York Times and USA Todayv bestselling authors and identical twins—one a science nerd, the other a comic book geek—but with their shared passion for writing, they combined their mental powers as kids and have never stopped telling stories. Now in their early twenties, they write about other twenty-somethings navigating through life, college, and romance. They love superheroes, flawed characters, and soul mate love.

Where to purchase (sale link not yet live!) & learn more:

Long Way Down by Krista & Becca Ritchie (Search)
If you haven't read the series yet, you can either start at the very beginning with the Addicted series and Addicted to You OR you can start with the Calloway Sisters series, with Kiss the Sky. BOTH books are available now for FREE! Click here for more info on the recommended reading order!)


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all the best, dear readers!


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