Thursday, May 30, 2013

*BLOG TOUR* Interview w/Chris from Trophy Husband by Lauren Blakely

It's Blog Tour time, baby! And it's a very special day because I have none other than the awesome Chris McCormick from Trophy Husband! So, get excited and be sure to enter the giveaway at the end!

Before we begin, let's get the lowdown on the book, shall we?

Trophy Husband
by Lauren Blakely
Publication Date: May 21st, 2013
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Sometimes you can't help falling in love, even when you try to do the opposite...Successful fashion blogger McKenna Bell has spent far too long protecting herself after the way her ex-fiancĂ© left her at the altar for a college chick he met the night of his bachelor party. Loving again, trusting again, well, that's just not in the cards. Especially now that her ex is back in town with his new woman, demanding custody of McKenna's favorite creature in the whole world--her dog. No effing way. McKenna's had enough of him, and she decides to even the score by finding her own hot young thing -- a Trophy Husband. Sure, she's only twenty-seven, but doesn't that make it even more fun -- and infuriating to her ex -- to pursue a younger man? When she declares her intentions on her daily blog, her quest quickly skyrockets in popularity, and that's when Chris enters the picture, and he’s got all the assets. He's handsome, successful, and turns her inside out with a kiss to end all kisses, the kind that makes you feel like a shooting star. But loving again could mean losing again, and it's so much easier to focus on getting even, isn't it? Unless, you just can't help falling in love. Which means McKenna will have to come face to face with what she really wants in life -- protecting her heart from hurt, or letting go of her fears of a new beginning.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Hi readers! I’m here at the electronic store’s gaming room with the one and only Chris McCormick, host of the best named show, Let the Wookie Win!

Welcome to my blog, Chris!

I loved hearing about you throughout McKenna’s quest for a Trophy Husband. But I’d definitely like to learn a bit more from your point of view, if you don’t mind! Once that’s done you better get ready for a Halo face off, you and me!


What was your first impression of McKenna? and what made you approach her here in the electronics store?

Not gonna lie. I thought she was hot! But I also can’t resist a chick who likes games, and she seemed to know her stuff. Plus, she had this crazy hot tee-shirt on that made her look amazing, and it was also funny since it had a waterskiing squirrel on it. I kinda knew then I couldn’t let her get away.

That is definitely an awesome shirt.

You owe a lot to her neighbor’s cat, huh?

I met that cat a few weeks ago when we stopped at Hayden’s house, and let me tell you, I gave him a fist bump. Okay, fist-to-paw bump. He was an awesome wingman. Or is that wingcat?

The date where McKenna agrees to let you be her Trophy boyfriend...well, it was incredibly hot, but also really sweet ( ARE a cute blusher....whoops, sorry!). Was that how you had imagined the night going?

I knew something was happening between us, but McKenna is a bit stubborn, if you know what I mean. She was so dead set on her contest and proving her point, and I get what that was important to her. So I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. But I had hoped we’d be able to really spend time together and get to know each other beyond just the contest.

Tell us something about you? Something that we might not know already?

I built a tree house when I was twelve. My brother, Jay, and my sister, Jill, and I used to hang out in it and play games and get away from our parents, and Jill would sometimes even sing rock songs for us. She’s an awesome singer, you know :)

I've ALWAYS wanted one! That sounds perfect to me...

Okay, Time for a little quick fire/word association:


Perfect start to a perfect day.

Favorite thing in the world?

Spending time with people I love.

Biggest pet peeve?

When cars idle for no reason.


Who would have thought Qbert could be that much fun?

Trophy Husband?

A young dude who wants an easy way out.


Woman of my dreams.

And lastly, can you give us a one sentence pitch for why my readers should pick up your and McKenna’s story (if they haven’t already!)?

Well, readers seem to be saying that it’s laugh-out-loud funny and smoking hot. They also like the quirky characters, and the banter, so that seems like a winning combo.

I think that is a VERY accurate description!

We’ll that’s the end of our interview! Readers, be sure to pick up Trophy Husband by Lauren Blakely to hear the whole story.

Thanks for being such a wonderful guest, Chris! And now, are you ready for some butt whooping? *wink wink*

You wish.

About the Author: 

Lauren Blakely is an unabashed fan of clever jokes, toast, and good guys in novels. Like the heroine in CAUGHT UP IN US, she thinks life should be filled with movie kisses and coffee drinks. Lauren lives in California with her husband and children, and spends her days writing both true stories and make-believe ones.

Where to purchase & learn more:
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Goodreads | Author's Website | Twitter | Facebook

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  1. What a great interview. Chris seems like a true sweetheart. Abs I want that shirt!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. This book sounds so great! That interview with Chris made me want to read it that much more ;)
    Thanks for the post x

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