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*BLOG TOUR* The Liberator by Victoria Scott - REVIEW + GIVEAWAY

*Spoiler-Free* REVIEW: The Liberator (Dante Walker #2)
by Victoria Scott
Published On: August 27th, 2013

*DISCLOSURE: ARC was provided in exchange for a fair and honest review

The Liberator (Dante Walker #2)
by Victoria Scott
Publication Date: August 27th, 2013

Bad boy, meet bad girl.

Dante has a shiny new cuff wrapped around his ankle, and he doesn't like that mess one bit. His new accessory comes straight from Big Guy himself and marks the former demon as a liberator. Despite his gritty past and bad boy ways, Dante Walker has been granted a second chance.

When Dante is given his first mission as a liberator to save the soul of seventeen-year-old Aspen, he knows he’s got this. But Aspen reminds him of the rebellious life he used to live and is making it difficult to resist sinful temptations. Though Dante is committed to living clean for his girlfriend Charlie, this dude’s been a playboy for far too long…and old demons die hard.

With Charlie becoming the girl she was never able to be pre-makeover and Aspen showing him how delicious it feels to embrace his inner beast, Dante will have to go somewhere he never thought he’d return to in order to accomplish the impossible: save the girl he’s been assigned to, and keep the girl he loves.

My Thoughts:

The Liberator reunites us with the motley crew of characters that we grew to know and love in The Collector. At the heart of the story, we have the good girl, Charlie, and the bad-boy, Dante. This time around, the good girl is still the likeable, kind girl that you remember, but she’s also pretty kick ass. Dante, is still the swaggering bad boy….but he’s struggling to define himself after the life altering events that occurred at the end of book one. He’s now working for the side of good, but how does one make such a drastic change?

This book, as it follows Dante’s point of view, is fraught with a lot of worries and struggles that had been absent from the first installment. Dante is suffering from growing pains in this book, and that’s pretty refreshing to experience. Not to worry though, it’s not all brooding introspection. There are plenty of cocky, self-assured witticisms and quips that we come to anticipate and expect from Dante freaking Walker. I have to admit, some of the one liners are so laugh out loud absurd, that I find myself thinking ruefully, “Oh, Dante…” And then there are those moments that are so endearingly romantic that I was "Oh, Dante" in a much dreamier tone!

"I don't want you to change. Since the moment I met you, I knew you weren't like me. You were better. You are better. You're the person I wish I could be. Your whole means something."

The book starts out a bit slowly, but towards the middle, picks up the pace and canters off to a bang of a finish. The introduction of the new character of Aspen (not to worry, no love triangle here!) was wonderful. I felt like she was a perfect balance to the other characters with her fierce and endearingly sassy attitude.

The Final Verdict:

Once The Liberator gets going, it is a fun and engaging read. Victoria Scott succeeds once again in creating a unique, humorous, emotional, and smile inducing novel that doesn’t skimp on the action. Full of unexpected twists and turns, The Liberator left me desperate to find out what happens next.


About the Author:
I’m a teen fiction writer with a die-hard affection for dark and humorous books. My work is represented by Sara Crowe of Harvey Klinger literary agency. I have a master’s degree in marketing, and currently live in Dallas with my husband, Ryan. My first series started with THE COLLECTOR, and was published by Entangled Teen in April 2013. The second book in the trilogy, THE LIBERATOR, will release August 2013. My next series kicks off with FIRE & FLOOD and is being published by Scholastic, February 2014.


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