Monday, June 30, 2014

Support #TeamDrew in the #NACrushTourney14 + Win Signed Prizes!

Hello all of you Marshmallow Lovers! Our guy, Drew Callahan was nominated into the NA Crush Tourney for the 2nd year in a row!

His match has now gone live at 11:59 EST Monday, June 30th and will last 24 hours until 11:59 EST Tuesday, July 1st!

He's battling against T.H. Snyder's Lincoln in round 1, and if he advances, will face off against Jamie McGuire's Travis! So let's get voting and show everyone that Drew deserves to be the 2014 NA Crush of the year!

To thank you for all of your support, we have some insane giveaways for you #TeamDrew voters!

But most importantly, if Drew advances through the next few rounds of the tourney, we will be treated with a BONUS never before seen Drew + Fable scene!


So, check out the post, vote, share, and vote some more! Be sure to enter the giveaway at the bottom of this post for your chance to win Signed Books, e-books, and swag galore!


Hello all of you lovely New Adult readers! I’m Christine from the blog i *Heart* Big Books (and i cannot lie...) and I’m so thrilled to have the opportunity to represent one of my FIRST and FAVORITE New Adult book boyfriends! He’s the one, the only, DREW from Monica Murphy’s phenomenal NA debut, ONE WEEK GIRLFRIEND, and he deserves to be crowned as your favorite guy of this year’s NA Crush Tourney!

Drew [verb]: bring toward oneself, by inherent force or influence; attract.
Synonyms: Star quarterback, unbelievably sexy, kind hearted, broken, intelligent, creative, your choice for this year’s NA Crush Tourney. (of course this last one is all up to YOU, voters!)

Maybe you've already heard about the golden boy star quarterback Drew Callahan
And maybe you haven't, but
Regardless, you're going to want to know him now.
Shattered by a very painful past that still haunts his future
He pushes himself to succeed. To break away. But then he's sucked back in and his only solution is to
Make a deal with the girl with the bad reputation, Fable Maguire.
A temporary deal that starts out with mutual dislike soon evolves into
Lust and passion and diversion. And then...eventually, into
Love and healing and safety.
Only, how can two broken pieces mend each other's jagged edges?
Who fixes whom?
Lost and prisoner to the pull
Of one another, Drew + Fable
Vow to always be there when the other calls. And when the time comes, what are they willing to sacrifice for each other?
Everything. Always and Forever.

Drew quickly captivated readers with the whole package of who he is. On the outside, he has his movie star good looks and muscled physique that make him the star quarterback and NFL prospect, but it is the depth of who he is on the inside that makes the lasting impression.

Drew is sweet and kind, with an inherent sexy streak a mile wide.

He's the guy who is afraid to love, especially when it might hurt you. But once he's in, he's all in. And nothing and no one can stop his love.

He expresses himself in letters, poems and words. He doesn’t feel that this makes him any less manly. He is a reader's dream guy.

He's also wildly protective, yet knows when you can take care of yourself…though he'll still worry and want to protect you anyway.

He's been broken beyond belief. Yet, he has pushed himself to live and succeed anyway.

His intelligence, his athleticism, his gorgeous good looks could get him anything and anyone, but he holds himself back until the girl that breaks through all his happy facades comes along.

But most of all, when his girl says the word. When she needs saving or just needs HIM, he comes running for her, no questions asked. That’s a real man.

For those of you who prefer a more VISUAL presentation, please watch the following video to have the full Drew Callahan experience!

CAUTION: Contents involve extremely hot substances. Please sit down while consuming. Possible symptoms include swooning, shortness of breath, increased heart rate, and fullness of heart. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please vote for Drew IMMEDIATELY in the poll below. You have been warned.

Have you swooned yet? Drew Callahan is perfectly imperfect. He is the full package and he is MY choice for this year’s 2014 New Adult Crush. Won’t you make him yours?

** P.S. for those Drew+Fable lovers out there, Monica Murphy has promised a new bonus scene if Drew continues to advance through the rounds! Want more #MarshmallowLove? Vote for our boy below!

*** P.P.S. If you voted #TeamDrew, we have prize giveaways over at!



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all the best, dear readers!


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