Monday, January 13, 2014

A message from me to you on my One Year Blogging Anniversary...

It's been such a long time dear readers....I have so much to say, yet I seem to have no words to say them, which is problematic for me as the sole author of this blog.

2013 has gone. It was an incredibly tough year for good, challenging ways, and in saddening, loss-filled ones. And now 2014 is here and I am hoping for new beginnings, new chances, continued commitments to the old, and the strength to meet them all head on with the energy and excitement they deserve.

I know this is a bit delayed, but I'd like to offer up a few things I've been grateful for in the past year....

1. This blog. What started as a little Sir-Mix-A-Lot running amok in my head, coupled with my passion for books, ended up as this blog. It has afforded me a venue to share in my love with likeminded and not so likeminded people (which I love!). A means to make new friends, whether author or reader, but more often than not, one and the same. And my opportunity to start...

2. i*Heart*BigBooks Designs. An unofficial name for my official passion project. I have always loved art and design, but it has never been a profession for me. What I lack in skills with words, I feel I can make up with visually when I can evoke emotion or a gasp of delight when someone views my work. I am certainly not the best, I do not claim to be. But I take joy in what I do. Continuing to learn, and adapt, and creating is something that I am continually grateful for.  And someone I am very very thankful for, KP Simmon of Inkslinger PR who gave me one of my first graphics jobs. You are not only an amazing publicist, but a wonderful, kind person and friend. Additional, and no less sincere, thanks go to my amazing clients who continue to fuel me with the creativity of their words and honor me with their returns and referrals.

3. Truly, wonderfully, madly phenomenal books. I have read some amazing ones this year. And I know that I haven't shared enough of them. I hope to remedy this with the stockpile of reviews I have saved up but was unable to post next year.

Anyway, I'm nearly winded now with my second bout of the flu this season...Slowly, but surely, I'll be back again.

Happy New Year to you all. May this year bring you happiness, health, and wonderful new adventures.

all the best, dear readers!


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