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*Cover Reveal + Excerpt + GIVEAWAY* Lauren Blakely's Playing with Her Heart

If you've been around at here at all, or on any of my social media for that'll know that I'm pretty ecstatically fond of Lauren Blakely. That woman NEVER fails to bring on the heat, the steamy, the endless parade of ab-tastic hotties.....

Well, I'm happy to say that she once again hit it out of the park. With a perfect match in the fabulous Sarah Hansen from Okay Creations comes this absolutely drool worthy cover.

Without any further ado, here it is:

Playing With Her Heart (Caught Up In Us #3) by Lauren Blakely
Publication Date: August 20th, 2013

When you’re acting the role of a lifetime, how can you know if love is real—or all just a part of the show?

Twenty-three year old rising theatre star Jill McCormick has built a life out of pretending. Pretending she’s happy, pretending her long-distance crushes add up to something real, pretending she’s not haunted by the dark secret that shattered her world six years ago. Cast in her first Broadway show, she desperately needs to keep her façade intact, but that’s before she comes face to face with her devastating new boss…

Hot-shot director Davis Milo knows the first rule of directing: never fall for your leading lady. Captivated by Jill’s raw talent, he fights his feelings, but watching Jill on-stage with another man is more than his jealous streak can take. Keeping things professional isn’t an option. He wants all of her.

Soon the ingénue and her director are staying late in the empty theatre, their private rehearsals spiraling into new, forbidden territory. Caught up between fiction and reality, Jill struggles to find the truth in all their staged kisses. But how can she be sure that what she feels is real, and not a part of the play? And when two people spend their lives pretending, what happens after the final curtain falls?

BUT WAIT! That's not all!
And now, an excerpt!!

He glances down at the black pumps. “Nice shoes.”

As I follow his eyes, I realize my hand is on his shirt, my fingersfisted around the cloth, clutching it. I should let go. But I don’t.Because I can’t help but notice he has that clean and freshly showeredsmell that makes any woman want to lean in and lick a guy’s neck.

Close her eyes. Inhale, and trail a tongue all the way to hisearlobe, enjoying the sound of a low groan.

“Nice shirt,” I say softly, running my index finger across one smoothbutton. Then I look up to find him staring down at me. His dark blueeyes aren’t cold anymore. They’re not keeping me at bay. Instead,they’re heated, searching mine.

It’s hypnotic the way he looks at me. Completely hypnotic, as theroom goes quiet, the air between us charged.

I press my teeth against my lips, and I think, but I’m not entirelysure, because thought has vanished, that I nod briefly, almost as ifI’m giving him permission. Then he bends towards me, and my breathcatches. Before I even process rationally what’s happening, his lipsare on mine, and my pulse is racing. It’s a barely there kiss, justhim brushing his soft lips against mine, but I want more. So I pullhim closer and deepen the kiss. He groans, and then suddenly his handsare in my hair, and he’s twining his fingers through my long, blondstrands, and tugging me close. I thought I was leading this kiss, butI’m not anymore, because he’s claiming me, tracing his tongue acrossmy top lip, then nipping at the bottom lip, then kissing me so deeplyand with so much heat that I shudder. That only makes him kiss meharder, and everything else falls away because this is a kiss I canfeel in every single cell in my body. Deep, and fevered andpossessive.

It makes me feel things I’m not supposed to want.

My heart pounds wildly as he presses closer, so dangerously near tome that I want him to slam me against him. Let him touch me all over.His lips own me, his hands want to know me, and I swear I mightcombust from this kind of electric contact.

He breaks the kiss and I’m not honestly sure where I am anymore. Orwho I am. I look at him, at Davis, but everything is so hazy rightnow, that I don’t know what to say. I don’t think he does either,because he doesn’t speak for a moment. He shakes his head, andswallows, collecting himself. As if he doesn’t know how that happenedeither.

“I’m sorry,” he says, then steps back, pushing his hand roughlythrough his hair. He looks away from me, staring at some distant pointon the wall. “That was a mistake,” he says quietly.

About the Author:

Lauren Blakely is an unabashed fan of clever jokes, toast, and good guys in novels. Like the heroine in CAUGHT UP IN US, she thinks life should be filled with movie kisses and coffee drinks. Lauren lives in California with her husband and children, and spends her days writing both true stories and make-believe ones.

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