Monday, April 1, 2013

*Teasers* Sweet Peril by Wendy Higgins

None of this April Fool's crap. The fabulous Wendy Higgins just gave us a Sweet Peril teaser and it was just too too good not to share. UGH. So much sexual tension. I LOVE it!

Please check out her blog for lots more goodness!! Seriously! Links at the bottom!

Sweet Peril
by Wendy Higgins
Publication Date: April 30th, 2013

Ah. He had no idea what I was capable of now. I held a hand out. “Give me your knife.”

His eyebrows went together. “What?”

“Just give it to me.” I stepped closer, feeling edgy.

“No, Anna, I don’t know what you’re trying to do, but this is ridic—”

My movements were fast as I went for him full force, using all my body weight and strength to hook a foot behind his knee and slam my palm into his shoulder. He landed on his back with a surprised oof and I crouched over him. “Give me your knife,” I said again.

“Holy . . .” Blake let out a long whistle from where he watched at the rail.

Kaidan lay there with a whimsical sort of look and said, “God, that was hot.”

I held out my hand. This time he fished the knife from his waistband and placed the onyx handle in my palm. From my crouched position I momentarily eyed a wooden bird statue perched at the top of the deck rail twenty feet away, then let the cool metal fly from my fingers. It spun through the air with a sound like rapid wing beats, then a whump as it stuck into the side of the bird’s head.

“Dude!” Blake yelled.

Beneath me, where Kaidan lay, burst a vivid cloud of red so brief I wondered if I’d imagined it. I stared down at him in shock.

“You showed your colors!” I said.

“Did not.” He pushed himself up and we both stood.

“You totally let ’em out, bro,” Blake told him with a grin.

“Shut up.”

When he peered down at me I said, “I’ve been training. I’m not completely helpless anymore.”

“I can see that,” he murmured.

We stood there, facing each other. Too much was between us, pulling us together at the same time as it pushed us apart. Our need for each other would always be in constant battle with our need to keep the other safe.

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