Friday, April 19, 2013

*Teasers* Crush by Nicole Williams

Because I see you guys searching for them, and like to make people's a hot little teaser from the final part of the trilogy of Jude and Lucy.

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by Nicole Williams
Publication Date: April 23th, 2013

"Is whatever you're up to illegal?" I asked, not sure I really wanted to know.

"Is that a trick question?" he said, sounding amused.

"Is that a trick answer?"

He didn't respond immediately. Instead, I felt his mouth warm the skin at the base of my neck. One full breath out, and one full breath in, slow and deep and suffocating, before his lips grazed the heated patch of skin.

I tried not to react like his touch was hardwired to drive every bit of me crazy, but even after years together, Jude could still unravel me with one touch. My skin was prickling to life with tiny goose bumps that trailed down to my lower back when his mouth pulled away.

"There will most certainly be high points tonight that could be classified as illegal in every one of the Bible Belt states," he said, his voice low with desire.

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  1. Great teasers. I have the first two books and haven't had time to read them yet, now I already want the third to.

  2. Wow! I've had the first book for quite a while now, but I must read it soon. I love those quotes!