Thursday, April 25, 2013

#SharingIsCaring HUGE SWAG GIVEAWAY! Because I love you all...

Hello lovelies!
I hit 325 twitter followers today and am using it as an excuse to celebrate!  You see, I've been a little bit like this lately...

And making other people happy usually makes me feel much

Since I love to celebrate and I love to share, I'm giving away a HUGE package of swag that I was fortunate enough to accumulate!

Here's a picture of what you'll win!

What's included in this Swagalicious package:
  • Signed Sweet Evil/Sweet Peril bookmark, by Wendy Higgins
  • Signed Sweet Evil/Sweet Peril bookplate sticker, by Wendy Higgins
  • Signed Taking Chances postcard and magnetic bookmark, by Molly McAdams
  • Signed From Ashes postcard and magnetic bookmark, by Molly McAdams
  • From Ashes Bracelet, from Molly McAdams
  • Taking Chances Bracelet - Team Chase/Brandon, from Molly McAdams
  • Taking Chances Bracelet - I Survived Taking Chances, from Molly McAdams
  • Signed Postcard for the That Boy and The Keatyn Chronicles Series, by Jillian Dodd
  • The Keatyn Chronicles Bracelet, from Jillian Dodd
  • Jude Loves Luce pen, from Nicole Williams (Crash series)
  • Signed bookplate (designed by me) by S.C. Stephens
  • DBags Temporary Tatoo, from S.C. Stephens (Thoughtless series)
  • Signed bookplate (designed by me) by Abbi Glines
  • Hopeless, Slammed, Point of Retreat magnet, by Colleen Hoover
  • Signed Postcard by Liz Reinhardt
  • Signed Postcard by Steph Campbell
  • Bookmark featuring Lengths & Depths by Liz Reinhardt & Steph Campbell
  • Signed Breaking Nova postcard by Jessica Sorensen

Phew...did I get it all?

Because I know that it's hard to get stuff outside of the U.S., I'm opening this up to all the INTERNATIONAL readers! Full disclosure, if and international reader wins, I'll do my best to send everything to your country, but if the more 3 dimensional items cause a huge spike in postage, I may not be able to send the pen and bracelets, but I will do something else to replace it.

Okay my dears. I hope you enjoy! Enter the rafflecopter below! And GOOD LUCK! 

Oh, and have a fan-freaking-tastic day while you're at it! *HUGS!*

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all the best, dear readers!


  1. No, I haven't won any swag before.

  2. i have. i love all the bookmarks i have

  3. My most prized piece of SWAG is my Wicked Lovely tattoo. It's absolutely gorgeous! :)

  4. Every piece of SWAG that I receive is of value to me. :)

  5. Hopefully this will be my first swag

  6. I've received a few books from Kiki Hamilton. They weren't really won, she was offering to the first of a certain number of people to respond. But it was the first thing I received as an official Media Specialist in my first job and it was awesome.

  7. I did one time and it was a signed book mark by raine miller.

  8. I have never won a swag, so I'm hoping this will be my first. :)

  9. Not really but I sure hope I win this one :)

  10. I never won a swag but I do received a bookmark from Elizabeth Richards as a gift :))

  11. I've never won a swag pack before :( Fingers crossed this will be my first win! x

  12. I haven't ever won a swag pack before either :'(. But it's cool that so many people are willing to host these kinds of epic giveaways regardless!! Thanks.

  13. I've never won any "SWAG", but I love going to author events/signings. Sadly, none of these writers have been in my area.

  14. I have won once before and it was a Rockets tee from Morgan Kearns based on her deadlines and diamonds series and I love it!